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if the Fifth Harmony wins this EMA they’ll will be the first girl group to ever win an EMA since 1998 and the first ever to win one in the 2000’s if that doesnt motivate you to vote harder than ever idk what will 

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Harmonizers!!!! Our debut album #Reflection is coming out December 2014! December has played a major part in 5H history.. December 2012 we finished 3rd on The X Factor, which changed our lives forever. December 2013 we did our first holiday radio tour, which included playing at Madison Square Garden. So putting our debut album out in December 2014 just felt right.smarturl.it/RFLT


so let me get this straight:
- we won the girls a vma
- got them nominated for an ema against big names like Beyonce
- BO$$ got played on one of the most popular reality competition shows in America
- And their album still isn’t out

we are a truly amazing group of people to have helped them achieve all of this.

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i knew lauren was my favorite for a reason

@jordinsparks:Love these girls!! I’m the 6th member!! @fifthharmony<3
Fifth Harmony are nominate for "Best US Act" You can vote here!


The girls are nominate with people like Beyonce, Eminem and Katy Perry! Help the girls voting!

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