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Anonymous: You've been pretty quiet throughout this whole 5sos ordeal. How do you feel about what's going on?


man, honestly, it really does bother me. but out of respect to my followers/friends, i choose not to pollute my blog with my personal opinion(s).

however, since you’ve asked, i’m happy to answer (vent, really, because i’m a little pissed).

so, apparently calum had nudes leaked. while that is completely disrespectful of his privacy, he should have been a tad more careful, seeing as how he’s a figure very heavily watched by the public eye. i’m not saying that it’s his fault his nudes were leaked, but. c’mon dude. i honestly don’t feel bad for him in the slightest bit for making that idiotic decision.

what really shocks me is that calum is being congratulatedby a large portion of his fans, because his dick pics were leaked. what the fuck? just the other day, i happened to be scrolling through the comments under fifth harmony’s instagram post for the cover of their upcoming album, and many 5sos fans were commenting how the girls were “sluts”, and how they needed to put more clothes on because they had too much skin showing. not only is there a high regard for slut shaming fifth harmony in the 5sos fandom, i would just like to inform you that SLUT IS A MADE-UP WORD CREATED BY MEN IN ORDER TO OPPRESS WOMEN INTO FEELING AS IF THEIR SEXUAL DESIRES ARE SHAMEFUL. men created such a word that, should a woman be called such a heinous slur, they find themselves to be shameful. and as a woman yourself, which i’m assuming many of you in the 5sos fandom are, don’t you find that a little degrading? even the slightest amount? calling another woman a slut when you yourself are a woman defeats the ENTIRE purpose of what FIFTH HARMONY IS TRYING TO ACHIEVE. they preach of women empowerment and freedom of expression of your body, and a portion of the 5sos fandom still deems that “slut” is an appropriate term to use, just because normani may have shown her midriff, or because dinah’s cleavage was visible during the TCA’s, or a pair of ally’s shorts were too short (for your liking, that is).

imagine with me, for a second, if it had been, say, lauren’s nudes that were leaked. how much money do you want to bet me, that the first word out of many of your fandom’s mouths would be “slut”? because i know for a fact that it would be.

there is a blatant, sexism-filled haze surrounding a portion of the 5sos fandom, and it needs to be addressed and it needs to be fixed.

(i just saw a post where a harmonizer asked many of the same questions i am currently asking: why is calum able to get away with something like this? and the response? because he is a “god”, and that his fan base is larger. what kind of excuse is that? i’ll let you in on a little secret: it isn’t one).

the girls from fifth harmony can confidently show off some skin (maybe their collar bones, maybe their legs), but going through twitter mentions and instagram comments, at least every other message is a degrading comment in regards to the amount of skin which they are entitled, as independent women, to be showing. 5sos post pictures of themselves practically naked (a hat or a hand covering their junk being the only exception), and they’re being encouraged by their fans to show even more (which probably lead to calum’s egotistical response to his dick pic being released). i think you really need to address your own hypocrisies before you even try to defend your actions.

this isn’t even the beginning. i don’t have time to delve, but the 5sos fan base has been degrading and disrespectful towards fifth harmony for a long, long time.

and what saddens me more, is the (alleged) treatment of the fans by the boys themselves. i’m not sure if this is entirely true, but the fact of the matter is, alleged or not, no one should be treated that way. people are spending loads of money on you just to see you, to *meet* you, even. and you blatantly are shaming girls who are heavier and don’t comply to your own personal aesthetics? what the fuck kind of bullshit is that?

anyway, i have to get ready for class. in fact, the only reason i’m answering this now is because i woke up to wish a friend farewell. but i really suggest that, those offenders of the 5sos fan base (and this message is not directed towards all of you), really look into your own hypocrisy, and try to realize how much sexism is not only affecting five beautiful, talented, independent young women, but also yourselves. you were not born a sexist. you were taught to be sexist by societal standards from the demands put on women to behave and appear a certain way. and just as easily as these unjust values were learned, you can easily unlearn those teachings and mend your mistakes.

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What people would be saying if Calum was a woman (via modernmissioharry)

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Lauren and Camila today
  • *male celebrity gets his nudes leaked*
  • *female celebrity gets her nudes leaked*
  • everyone: ok but why did she even take those pics,.... she was asking for it lol

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When the person who we love talk to the other person who we don’t like
Anonymous: wtf why do u hate calum u slut


First of all, if you have taken the time to read my post you would realize that i’m not hating on calum at all.

I referred to how his fans, much like yourself, are supporting him and let this matter go so easily, which is a direct connection to how society reacts when men go butt naked and no one reacts. On the other hand, when women show a little skin, they’re called ‘sluts’, ‘whores’ and far more worse insults i’m sure you needn’t to hear.

You can even check this post of a friend of mine that clearly points out the massive sexism female artists, and all women in general, receive.

So don’t you all go so over protective about your Calum because even if he is a teenage boy and is ‘still learning' he fucked up in what he did and he deserves to see the consequences of his actions.

5 Seconds of Summer are a wonderful band i am not disagreeing in that. But they have been well known for their obvious ‘groupie’ games theyve been at. So please save yourself the embarrassment and stop acting like they’re saints.

The only reason they are now known is because Louis Tomlinson from One Direction found them. They didn’t ‘make it' anyfuckingwhere because all they are is the opening act. So seriously dont try to argue with someone who has the facts.

Next time you want to get your own facts straight and not send hate to someone who actually sees the problem in here if you cant.

Fifth Harmony have received so much hate for their new album cover for showing little more skin and the sexism is real people.

Women are now apparently not allowed to do anything unless its what men want. 

and what do men want?

they want women fucking naked. 

And when women do what they say, they’re sluts, whores, thirsty bitches

When women dont do what they say, they’re frigid, stuck up, rude

So fucking tell me now am i right or am i fucking right.

Grow the hell up and realize that those little actions of support is giving society the idea that its fucking okay if guys go naked but not girls.


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So let me get this straight…supposedly a picture of Calum’s dick (I don’t know if it, but everyone is treating it like it is) gets released and he’s getting praised. Fifth Harmony releases an album cover exposing collarbone and people call them sluts? Someone please help me understand how that’s fair?

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Petition for 5H to do a concert in jeans, t-shirts/tanks, and regular shoes.


I feel bad for them always having to glam up for a concert when harmonizers would go to a concert if they were all dressed in onesies and moccasins/slippers. Being made up is nice but sometimes you just want be casual.

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